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In an era when people are losing touch with their hand skills, and the pace of life is ever increasing, the use of old technologies has multiple roles. It allows one to slow down, breathe, and practice something meditative, improving one’s quality of life.
Recycling is one of the most significant things we can do to help our environment
20 sheets of old makes 17 new!

The Ancient Art of Papermaking has eluded many generations. These fun, informative workshops are suitable for all ages, enhancing social and creative development. You do not need to bring anything except enthusiasm.Invite me to Teach

There are 4 papermaking workstations that can be utilised (2 trestle tables together so  papermakers are opposite each other),turns can be taken or other chosen activities can be in progress at the same time.                                                                   Cost will depend on numbers, time & location.


Encourage Sustainability through Papermaking in your Local Community Centre, Library or Craft Group

Community-based Papermaking Workshops 

Watch the paper form, it's like magic!