Background ~ recycled white paper ~ 20 sheets of old makes 17 new  

​​​​​​​Papermaking (see also Marbling) 

 Learning & teaching are enriching experiences 

                          for both the student and the teacher

Papermaking in the Classroom without a budget.

Papermaking is a continually evolving learning experience with experimental & environmental education opportunities in both classrooom studies & outdoor activities. It ties into STEM (science, technology, engineering, environment, arts and math) & also History, English & Enterprise. Given there  is such a wide scope papermaking could be taken up within a whole school with every year level able to participate 

The perspective I see when working with children is how papermaking stimulates their mind AND children are only limited by their  imagination!  It provides students a deeper understanding of the curriculum by infusing fine arts into these lessons, the varied activities reach out to different student learning styles.

 The Values learnt compliment the essence of the papermaking experience.

Key Competencies:  Managing self with appropriate time management, use of materials & equipment to ensure the completion Using language & text specific to literacy, numeracy​ Relating to others group/shared tasks in practical activities

Thinking specific to thetechnological process Participating with constructive contribution to class & activities.

Papermaking as an education program in the Early Years Leaning Framework (EYLF) encompasses the development of fine motor skills through to personal learning skills such as taking turns, working together, sharing & cleaning up while working on a project.

Values: Identity & accomplishment - through scaffolded sequential tasks, hands-on experience, practising skills & demonstrating the understanding of technological & art making processes, experience with quality exemplars Interdependence & equity - through sharing responsibility for management & equal access of equipment, materials & resources Diversity - through looking at papers as creative expressions of different cultures, individual interpretations of the project theme(s) Ecological sustainability -  through using recycled materials & examining the wider context of consumption & recycling Innovation, exploration & problem solving - experimentation & learning experiences in a wide variety of creative outcomes Integrity - through classroom conduct & commitment to the production of quality technological products, artworks and artefacts.

My journey started 20 years ago with the invention of a simple no-mess papermaking system producing fine lightweight paper.          My Wish ~  Papermaking to be part of the curriculum in schools.  I am prepared to share my knowledge & expertise on all that I know, through tutorials & 'teach the teacher' consultation workshops to fast track you for your classroom practice. I have started the ball rolling being invited to take papermaking workshops at numerous State & National Conferences & events held in SA; Science, HASS, Early year teacher's science and Sustainability during  2016/17, the teachers had a ball not wanting their session to end!.

After making the big move to the city I was fortunate enough to visit many schools with papermaking recycling workshops contracted to me by KESAB. The students were from classrooms of all year levels & to many it was their first experience. The recounts from the children were fascinating and the teacher's feedback consistently repeated "they were impressed with the enthusiasm & behaviour from their students towards their new experience". 

To this day the suspense is exciting, waiting to pull your production of dry sheets off the cloths to see the underside for the final results, whether it is embossed lace, your prepared fibre, a new inclusion & so on, papermaking is quiet an addiction.

The Travelling Papermaker's vision is to change the perception to papermaking through 'Teacher Resource Kits' with tutorials made available hopefully through a Government grant or Crowdfunding campaigne.