​Playing With PAPER PARTIES         

  We supply the equipment & materials for          6 x papermaking workstations & bring              pre-made pulp with us. Our Parties are flexible,  remember the more guests invited, the less  time at the vat pp  (Additional time & add-on activities can entertain your other guests while they wait, supervision may be required. Young children under 8 may need extra assistance at the vat also.

 Prices start at $200 for a 90min session +  $60hr thereafter.

 Each guest will have their paper pressed at  the  end of the session. When convenient  the paper  should be hung up or laid out in a  clear  space until it has dried (overnight)  then it can  be peeled from the  felts, envelopes folded &  either finished with  a hot iron press or stacked  under a heavy  weight overnight to flatten!