​​​​​About Us: Our journey over the past 20 years has evolved enormously, we have significantly improved the quality of handmade paper 

Hi my name is Tracy King, alias The Travelling Papermaker' (aka Paper Nymph) My amazing paper making journey has led to the creation of: 'The Travelling Papermaker Adventure Kit! AND Dual Paper Press/Flower Press    Two Ancient Arts ~ hand-in-hand ~ generations meet ~ a Revolution begins! Papermaking & Marbling 

There are so many arts & crafts that repeat themselves in history, papermaking & marbling tradional deserve their place so erase any perceptions of the past & see a new era of papermaking being born.   

I have found great solace & enlightenment making paper & love nothing more than walking in nature & collecting anything that catches my eye at the time, bark-for natural dye colour, wild flowers,  for the vat.

Papermaking has kept me grounded & acted as an art therapy, engaging my mind with new experiments & then the slow repetitive element of making paper, envelopes etc. then the anxiety for the paper to dry so you can see your achievements. There are so many exciting elements that keep you engrossed.   

Paper Nymph was established in 1997 after a new exciting breakthrough that redefined the way paper is made, a simple papermaking technique that allows for a more delicate flow in production. 

​Once the slow meditative rhythm starts, sheet after sheet of quality fine lightweight paper is produced. Our mastermind system' combined special shaping tiles with a unique moisture removal 'no-mess' system keeping still the traditional ancient papermaking ways.

​There isn't much cost involved in papermaking

the result of a 'mastermind' being with interchanging stationery templates that define the thickness 

being churned outso does the production, churning out The papermaking procedure  by the removal of any air bubbles & the paper was of a fine, lightweight nature & also allowed for a more d

& unearthed many amazing innovations to get your imaginations flowing, rekindling the lost Art of papermaking! 
​ quality & weight for what I sought in handmade paper.   In turn this enabled a whole spectrum of exciting creative processes with a sense of environmental responsibility that hopefully will not only spark the imaginations of papermakers but inspire new people to take up this Ancient Art & keep the tradition of papermaking alive for generations to come. 

Our Mission: To start a Papermaking/Marbling Revolution! 
To share our passion & inspire fun & creativity in all generations with the rawness, texture & soul of lightweight handmade paper & the magic that marbling brings. To enrich our environment by recycling & inspire teacher's, these two Ancient Artsscience & enhance lifes values t these two Ancient Arts offer learnt for a lifetime whilst putting the 'bling' in marbling & importantly  to keep the Ancient Art of letter writing alive!

"As papermakers we stand at the vat and find our balance,our rhythm and our song"

 That drives a lot of what I do: investigating what’s around me, I usually have a lot of ideas bouncing back & forth, different plants & places I'm developing an intimacy with

​This It was a fascinating concept and that’s what intially pushed me in my current direction, I realized that art c This way of working brings art and creativity back into the real world and also elevates the everyday world to a higher status that’s worth looking at, caring and thinking about.ould start simply with walking and learning about a place

​My Story...
This revolutionary new idea turns scrap paper into beautiful handmade stationery suitable for use in inkjet printers. 20 sheets of old makes 17 new. The secret of Paper Nymph’s lightweight paper lies inand the unique moisture removal system. It’s a peaceful process.I see myself as a Paper Artist but haven't had time to really explore my first facination of fibres & am  developing intimacy​​ with nature, keeping my eyes wide, something always draws me in & inspires. 
in a peaceful environment.. It is then in wonder of what  this little adventure will inpire.instinct am Papermaking keeps me grounded, I love using art as a way to teach myself about the landscape and about natural processes.

the process is simple. Water and shredded paper are put into a blender to form a pulp. Using a screen, the pulp is spread evenly and allowed to dry for several days. Even rain adds texture in the form of pits. Sometimes she embeds organic materials such as leaves    
​: pulp-making with a blender, simple sheet-pulling from her vat
Papermaking studio presenting her handmade paper artworks at hundreds of outdoor art festivals.  In 2ooo  Inaugral Melbourne Paper Arts Festival Best new product Award 
She leads professional development courses   develops sustainable environmental art related programs 

To start a papermaking revolution. To share our passion and inspire creativity with our fresh exciting innovative techniques. To engage people with the rawness, texture and soul of lightweight handmade paper and importantly to enrich our environment by recycling.

   Mina Takahashi