This Interactive Attraction Appeals because both are:                                                                                                                                                     F ascinating to watch for any age ~ Environmental, educational.

                                                          nique ~ Ancient Arts that have eluded generations.

                                                          N ew ~ The simplicity will change people's perspective to these Arts forever.

A Sustainable Crowdpleaser ~ 20 sheets of old makes 17 new   


The simple core foundations of our papermaking system are emphasised during a demonstration which shows the ease of tranformation from recycled pulp to beautiful fine handmade stationery, after the fibres are captured on the mould & deckle in the shape of the template used only seconds after it is pulled from the vat. Words are often heard filtering through the air as newly formed paper sheets are continually 'pulled' from the vat.'it's like magic!  (that's before the embossed lace paper is made)!

An unlimited number of participants can step up & 'have-a-go. In true 'pay-it-forward' fashion- the paper made on the day will travel onwards to the next venue whilst paper made at a similar event will be exchanged & the cycle continues.  

A Wow factor ~ no two pieces are the same




Two Ancient Arts ~ Hand in​ hand ~ Generations Meet

Paper has this fragile quality, which suits the fleeting quality of desire.




Marbling is an ancient fascinating fluid art that add magic to handmade paper being porous.  Drops of water-based paints float on a 'size' in your marbling tray, colours & patterns are formed with the currents & swirls of the thickened moving water.  It is a balancing act between variables: temperature, relative surface tension of liquids, chemistry & physical procedures.

A big marbling tray will be setup & once the demonstration is over participants & onlookers can take a paper heart & place on an area with a pattern that appeals to them. (envelopes provided for transport)