Watermarks on Handmade Paper 


A simple word or message ~ Unique

We will work together to create something very special for your occasion.

Weddings ~  Special Events ~

 Secret Invitations ~  Window Dressing


Commissioned Work

​​As a Paper Artist there are layers of elusiveness to the way you translate the feeling for your special occasion and what has gotten through my filter to capture the essence towards an original piece of artwork for reproduction or just one of.

 Indigenous Bush Medicine Paper  

A Representation of Your Thoughts

through My Filter

Layers of bush medicine were caught between the paper fibres the photo doesn't do it justice                  The handmade paper was 'pulled' triple the normal thickness, this along with the native plants     enabled the paper to also be used in smoking ceremonies, an ancient indigenous custom.

 With every new batch came more bush medicine

 & the pulp turned a deep earthy colour as the plant materials released their natural dyes into the  vat.