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Carlos This is a great idea, I think that this will go big. Goodluck, all the best. Hopefully I can do this later in the track.

 Mia - Monday Week 10

All of the different things you can do with paper - it is much more interesting than I thought.

I thought it was really fun & interesting making my own paper. First I thought I had stuffed up and then it actually turned out well. Firdause

Yesterday I made paper with a nice lady called Tracy. First I had to put an apron on. We had to stir the water with paper in it then dip a wooden frame with netting and a template into our tub. Then we pulled it out and laid the wet paper on a cloth and rolled it softly then harder. After that we did marbling, there was a tray with marbling stuff in it and you splashed paint on the top and then dipped the paper in and the colours went onto the paper. I enjoyed papermaking and I learned that that is how you recycle paper by Megan

Trushti 25th September

 I thought that the papermaking was really interesting and my favourite part was when we had to put the frame in the water and the pulp came on the frame.

Yesterday I learnt to recycle paper. You tear it up and soak it all night then put it in a blender. After that you get a mould & deckle for an A5 piece of paper and dunk it into the tub full of water with paper in it. After you pull it out the water you rest it on the edge of the tub and take the mushy paper and put it on a cloth, you roll it till it comes off the wire mesh. Overall I thought making paper was really fun and it was great to learn how to make paper and it is good for our environment too by Brad

Tama Week 10 - I enjoyed doing the papermaking and I learnt a lot about recycling the paper.

Heer: I love this I wish I could do it again.

Aaron: Wish I could do it again tomorrow. It was just really cool. Making paper is AWSM!

On Tuesday we went to the art room and we met Tracy. First we did marbling and it was cool. She told us what we needed to do when making recycled paper to new paper. You have to rip it up and put it in a bucket and soak it for 24 hours then you get a handful and put it in the blender and make it smooth and then it's called pulp,  you tip it in the vat with water in ready to start. With papermaking you have 2 wooden frames a top and a bottom, you put a flyscreen and a template inside and you pull it through the vat and lift  it out without stopping. I thought papermaking was awesome & there is so much more I want to try by Gemma.

Colin - I Love the two lesson's I had today, thankyou so much most grateful.

I love this lesson and making paper was great today: Rodrick

  Isabel - I love the part where we had to dip the thing in the pulpy water.

Marissa 26-9-17

Such an easy and effortless process! Tracy you are passionate about papermaking and this shows in the end product. We can't wait to carry this on tp deepen our sustainability learning in our preschool. Thank you!